Your Cal Spas options: Cover

The hot tub cover. Seems like the cover should just be. It shouldn’t be something you need to think about. You don’t think about the lid to the pickle jar. Or the top to the milk container. That’s because they work well. But if either of those lids weren’t quite perfect the contents would be ruined and unfit for consumption. Well, the hot tub cover does just that. Ensures that the contents are ready and waiting for you just like you want it. The hot tub cover has a few functions. In order for you to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of your hot tub, you want to have the right cover. As you sink into that invigorating water, moments away from the complete relaxation you will achieve as your muscles release the tensions of the day, you can know that the hot tub is ready because the cover did its job.

The cover works to protect the hot tub from the surrounding environment. It keeps debris from entering the water, keeping the water cleaner and protecting you from injury and the filter and the pump and the heater from damage.

The cover also keeps the heat in the water where you want it. You must consider the R value of the hot tub cover. You want your hot tub to be as efficient at possible. This saves you not only money, but time as well, time waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature, time spent earning that money. . . The R value measures the covers ability to stop the flow of heat, just like the insulation in your home’s walls. The higher the R value is the more better the hot tub cover will be at insulating. An R value of 15 is considered sufficient for a hot tub cover to maintain the proper temperature to ensure your hot tub is ready for your enjoyment. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider a cover with a higher R value.

The cover is also for safety. Although a cover may not withstand the weight of an adult, it must be able to support a child’s weight to ensure the safety of a curious child. You will also want to make sure the cover for your hot tub locks. It should have tie down straps and child resistant locks. You want to do all you can to avoid any unforeseen accidents. Approval by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) is a must in any hot tub cover you are considering for purchase.

Hot tub covers are exposed to weather, wind, sun, temperature changes and extremes. Be sure that the cover you choose is built to withstand these elements and time. Things for you to consider in the durability of the cover is the type of foam, the density of the foam, the outer cover material, and as mentioned before the R vale. Not only do you want the cover to be able to retain the heat, you want it to stand up to the outdoor environment. How will it respond to the UV rays of the sun? Will it mildew? How durable are the seams? Is it reinforced? Your cover should be built to last and should have a warranty that supports that.

You want to ensure that the hot tub cover fits your hot tub properly. This will not only help with heat retention but will prevent the evaporation of the water in the tub. The proper measurement ensures proper fit. The skirt of the cover will flap down over the top edge of your hot tub.

Also, you want to ensure that the foam inside the hot tub cover does not mildew. A vapor barrier will help with this preventing the moisture from penetrating into the insulating foam.

A more expensive and efficient cover will reduce your electrical costs. This is a calculation that you will need to consider. Is it worth the expense now to save money over time on that bill?

Your hot tub cover has an expected lifetime. If you care for it properly it will last many years and help extend the life of your hot tub. The proper hot tub cover will also reduce the maintenance costs and the wear and tear on your hot tub, its filter and heater. Be sure to select the proper cover for your hot tub to ensure the ultimate spa experience.

You may also want to look into the purchase of a cover lifter. The cover is not all that heavy but may be awkward to lift. This will depend on the location of your hot tub, the size of your tub and, therefore, the size of your cover and your own size and strength. You may just not want to be bothered with the physical exertion of removing the cover before you slip into the waiting water to enjoy the massaging hydrotherapy.

A cover lifter does just that – it aids in lifting the cover off the hot tub and lifting it back into place. It certainly is convenient and is a safety feature as well. No maneuvering an awkward cover when you are wet and slippery. No need to add to your aches and pain by maneuvering the cumbersome cover out of the way. Also, the lift ensure that the cover is positioned back into place properly ensuring the cover does its job in protecting your tub from the elements, debris and helps in heat retention.


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