Your Cal Spas options: Filtration and Purification

In order to enjoy your hot tub, your hot tub needs to be functional and ready to use. Keeping your hot tub clean does not need to become a time consuming burden. Which filtration system your hot tub has is something to consider when you are purchasing a hot tub. To enjoy the many benefits of your hot tub, you want to be sure the water is clean and ready to use. The relaxing hydrotherapy that awaits you at your own home won’t melt the tensions of the day away if that water is not ready for you to enter. So be sure to choose the right filtration system for you so you can relax and let the stresses of life melt away.

All hot tubs need a method of water purification. Like a swimming pool, a hot tub needs chemical sanitizers to maintain clean water. Chlorine or bromine are the top choices. To reduce the amount of these chemicals needed to maintain clean water, many tubs use water purification systems to supplement the chemicals. Automatically sanitizing the water, these purification systems are built into the spa. There are a few different type of purification systems available on today’s hot tubs – ozone, silver ionizers, copper ionizers and zinc ionization.

Ozone is created by a ozone generating unit in the spa. Ozone if formed when the molecules of oxygen are split apart into oxygen atoms by ultra-violet light (UV) or by corona discharge (CD). Ozone is a very practical addition to chemicals of chlorine or bromine helping to keep the water clean. And ozone will not affect the water chemistry. Ozone destroys contaminants when it comes in contact with them. Ozone also oxidizes and eliminates the contaminants in the water that are the result of residues on the skin from soaps, shampoos, perfumes, lotions and makeup.

When used with the sanitizing chemicals of chlorine or bromine, ozone helps kill germs, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Ozone itself is not a sanitizer and should not be used alone to maintain a clean spa. Ozone allows the chlorine and bromine to work longer, enhancing the performance of the sanitizer. This will allow you to use less chemicals in your water while still maintaining a sanitary and safe environment for you and your family to enjoy while you relax in the warm soothing waters of hydrotherapy.

Ionizers are electrolytic devices that deliver small amounts of the specific ions into the water. Silver, copper and zinc ionizers are available. Some combine two of these elements, some even all three for effective filtration of the water. The process allows the metal ions to travel into the water. The technology allows the minerals to purify the water naturally. An ultra low voltage charge runs though an electrode. This releases the ions into the spa water and helps with the elimination of algae, bacteria, viruses and mold. The ions come in contact with the contaminants and either destroy them or cause them to cluster so that they are filtered efficiently. These systems enable the filtration systems to efficiently remove impurities. These ionizers need to be used in conjunction with spa chemicals like bromine and chlorine. The amount of chemical needed though, will be greatly reduced. The use of these ionizers may extend the life of the hot tub itself, your swim trunks, the filter and more.

Whichever filtration system you decide to use, be sure to maintain your water to enable the safe, clean enjoyment of your spa.


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