Your Cal Spas options: Jets

When considering your hut tub purchase, you will, of course, want to consider jets. Otherwise, you would just fill your bathtub with hot water and sit for a good soak. Jets are what make the hot tub experience worth experiencing.

Relaxing in the water, releasing the tensions of the day, sounds good. An oasis of relaxation right at our own home. Ah, you can just feel the pressure of the jets melting away the stresses of life. Well, before you sink in, let’s make sure you are making the right choice.

The number of jets will be a factor in your choice. But it’s not your only factor to consider with jets. The placement and performance of jets is also very important. More isn’t always better. And hydrotherapy is highly personal. Some people want powerful jets massaging into their tired, tight muscles. Other people want the hot soak itself to relax and loosen the muscles releasing the tensions calmly. Maximize the potential massage of your hot tub by choosing the right number of jets as well as the proper placement for your personal needs. You want to be sure that the position of the jets in the tub address all the major muscle groups. Will the jets get your neck, shoulders, upper back, low back, legs? The variety of jet type will help you enjoy your hydrotherapy experience and get the most out of it. You will want to be sure that the jets are adjustable not only in position but in the strength of their massage. Can you control the direction and the flow of the water through the jets? After all, you should be able to customize your massage to meet your needs – this is your hot tub after all.

Choices, choices and more choices.

Ah, the accessories and aesthetic touches. Waterfalls, entertainment systems and more. What do you want to put the final touches on your hot tub to make it the perfect retreat from the chaos of life? Imagine yourself relaxing in the water, the tensions of the day floating away, the hydrotherapy working to relieve the stress from your muscles and mind.

You can enjoy music or even the pleasure of television as you enjoy your tub. Spa entertainment systems are available for you to choose from including wireless tv and sound systems. You can connect to cable, satellite or use dvds. Waterproof and temperature resistant they are built to endure the outside, so you can enjoy your hot tub experience fully. Your wireless sound system can play from your personal device (ipod, mp3), am/fm radio, satellite radio or from your collection of CDS. Control it all conveniently from the panel of your hot tub.

Lighting within and with out the hot tub can enhance your spa experience greatly. External lighting can create ambience and ensure safety around your spa. Lgihting within the tub can set the mood to whatever your heart desires. Many spas have lighting that varies in color and mode – allowing you to control the lighting zones. Craete just the environment you want with underwater lighting and water feature lighting.

Water features add that extra special touch to make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable. A gentle waterflow creates a relaxing sound to put your stresses further out of mind. The sight and sound of running water is calming to all. So sit back, relax. Let your muscles enjoy the hydrotherapy experience of the hot water and jets massaging action as your mind relaxes to the soothing rhythms of the waterfall. Choosing your hot tub’s water feature may be the finishing touch that allows you to relinquish the worries of the day for good.

There are many choices to make when deciding on the perfect hot tub. From location, size, shape, seats and more. Don’t fret. Soon you will be enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy at your own home and the small stress caused in narrowing down your options for your hot tub will wash away in the hot water massaging your tense muscles into loose, relaxed ones.


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