Experience Home Resort Living

Imagine your perfect Home Resort experience. The water in your hot tub is pristine and glistening. As you soak, the massaging heat slowly melts your cares away and transports you to bliss. Nearby, the promise of a sumptuous meal teases your taste buds as it grills to perfection in your outdoor kitchen. After dinner, enjoy a quiet sunset as warm flames dance beside you in your firepit. Finally, cue up your outdoor television, turn up the surround sound and watch a movie under the stars. What if this Home Resort experience could be yours everyday?

With Cal Spas, the wait is over. Introducing the Cal Spas Home Resort-a complete lineup of Home Resort and wellness products designed to turn your Home Resort dream into a valued addition to your home. A Cal Spas Home Resort is a fun, functional and beautiful place to enjoy with friends and family or indulge in personal relaxation and solace.

Other benefits:

  • Improving your outdoor living space
  • Saving time and money by vacationing at home
  • Escaping from daily routines
  • Savoring tasty, healthy meals year-round
  • Rejuvenating your mind and body
  • Enjoying quality time with friends & family
  • Treasuring time alone
  • Enjoying spending time at home

Why Cal Spas?

You’re passionate about your backyard. You deserve a brand that is equally passionate about making your outdoor living dreams a reality. At Cal Spas our passion-our business- is turning ordinary backyards into extraordinary dream Home Resorts.

Choose Cal Spas today and find out why customers around the world agree that nothing compares to a Cal Spas Home Resort:

  1. Brand: Choose The Name You Can Trust. When you select Cal Spas, you join a global network of satisfied customers that has been growing since our company was established in 1979. Each year, Cal Spas earns awards for quality, service and innovation and is recognized today as the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products.
  2. Selection: What You Want the Way You Want It. Cal Spas is the only manufacturer to provide more than 250 product models with thousands of customized options to create the backyard of your dreams.
  3. Quality: Quality Isn’t a Luxury; It’s a Standard. Every Cal Spas product is crafted with the utmost attention to quality and is rigorously tested to the highest industry standards.
  4. Innovation: Because You Deserve the Best. Our products incorporate the latest technological advancements and innovations. Cal Spas holds 28 trademarks, 48 design patents with more coming soon!
  5. Value: Get the Most for Your Money. At Cal Spas, we appreciate the value of a dollar. We pack more standard features into every product we build-without raising the price. We’re committed to building value into all of our Home Resort products.
  6. Style: Good Taste Is Always In Style. Whether your dreams include a full outdoor makeover or selected additions, Cal Spas Home Resort products are designed to form an integrated backyard with coordinating colors and finishes for designer appeal.
  7. Vision: The Only One-Stop-Source for Your Home Resort. Only Cal Spas has everything you need to create your Home Resort. Your spa, BBQ, fireplace and more can be ordered and installed by your Cal Spas dealer.
  8. Service: Customers Come First. We worked hard to earn our reputation and are committed to keeping it. We stand behind each of our products and our dealers provide in-home service.
  9. Team: Great Products Start with Great People. Our employees have been part of the Cal Spas family for years and bring extensive experience and product knowledge to each innovative product we design.
  10. Convenience: Local Dealers Make Remodeling Easy. Our worldwide network makes it easy for you to find a certified dealer in your home town. Our associates are trained to match you with products that fit your home and lifestyle and our dealers provide professional installation services!

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